Why We Do What We Do

When I first started smoking I really didn’t give it much thought and I definitely didn’t think I would do it on a regular basis. I remember not liking it at all; the taste was gross, it burned my lungs, it smelled and even 25 years ago I did not think cigarettes were cheap. But I had friends that were smoking and it seemed to be the thing to do when out drinking. Over time I decided that I would smoke throughout the week and BAM! I was addicted.

It did not take long to become accustom to having nicotine in my blood. I started building the habit of smoking every chance I could; before school, on breaks, during lunch and after school. The idea of going without was foreign to me and I really didn’t understand the constant desire to smoke. After turning 18 and being able to legally buy a pack of smokes was almost like a rite of passage.

We do what we do because of the decisions we make, past and present. They are mixed with bad and good but for some reason it’s the bad ones that are the hardest to change. Fast forward to present and we understand that smoking is killing us. We understand it is bad for society and the environment yet we struggle to kick the habit. Years of conditioning, telling ourselves that we “NEED” it has entrenched the habit deep within.

The key to breaking any addiction and stop smoking is to “NOT NEED” it. When you erase this lie from your mind you are taking control of your future. It can be difficult to undo what has been done but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort. It has taken many years to develop the level of dependence you currently have, therefore, it will take a few weeks to break the hold smoking has on you. In the face of temptation continually remind yourself YOU DON’T NEED IT!