Why is Quitting Smoking so Hard? Or is it Really?

For some, studying for a test is hard to do. They wait and wait until the last minute then cram for hours hoping to touch on all the right stuff. Just like with quitting smoking people develop a mindset that doing something is going to be hard or un-pleasurable. We all want to avoid pain and we hate to do things that just aren’t fun. The difference between the straight “A” student and the “C” student is the “A” students like to study and has found ways to make it productive and fun. The “C” student finds it difficult to study because it is not fun or it is perceived as hard. That is the same when it comes to quitting smoking.

Smoking has become a daily habit and with it a physical and psychological routine has been ingrained into a smoker’s mind. Smokers smoke when they wake in the morning, after eating, with a cup of coffee, while driving, and socializing with friends. Smoking can help us feel more alert and focused. At times it feels uncomfortable not to smoke. Smoking has worked its way into most facets of a smoker’s life and without it they may not feel quite “normal”.

The point is that quitting smoking is going to take some effort and even a change on how smoking is perceived. If you believe you are giving up something that is pleasurable it is going to be harder to quit than if you believe you are giving up something that is going to kill you.