Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking

#1 Reason to Quit
#1 Reason to Quit

This question in itself is pretty obvious especially with the health effects of smoking on the body, nonsmokers, and society. However when giving up smoking you need to prepare your mind for the battle to come. The instant you decide to quit smoking you are going to struggle with thoughts of why you should have one more cigarette or put off quitting until tomorrow. Each day the same thing and if you continually give in you will look back on months of failed attempts to quit.

Chances are you are going to have mixed feelings about quitting but you need to tip the scales. You need to know why you want to quit smoking and these reasons need to be the corner stone to your efforts. Find reasons that are important to you, reasons that go beyond your health.

Think of …

  • The time you will have for other things
  • The money you will save – this is not an insignificant ammount either
  • How it will affect your children/family
  • Getting rid of yellow fingers and teeth
  • No longer smelling like an ashtray
  • Decreasing your chances of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis
  • How quitting will benefit society
  • Sleeping better
  • Being more attractive to the opposite sex

There are many many reasons to quit smoking. What is important to you!

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