When Will You Die From Smoking

I am not sure if smokers give much thought to what the odds of them dying from smoking are or how soon it will happen but studies have given us some good information to answer those questions. According to Forever Free, a Guide to Remaining Smoke Free:

  • 10% of smokers die before the age of 55.
  • 28% of smokers die before the age of 65.
  • 57% of smokers die before the age of 75.

Let’s think about this a bit… The retirement age in the US varies by when you were born but for many it is 67 and that is likely to be increased. So if 57 percent of smokers die before the age of 75 it is likely that they will not be able to enjoy everything they have worked so hard to accomplish. Just think by the time you retire and are able to start pulling from your Social Security you will be dead from a smoking related illness. The smokers that continue to live most likely won’t have the quality of life they desire. You know who they are; they are the people pulling an oxygen tank around or talking through a hole in their throat or bed stricken with cancer just waiting for the end (timing was just a bit off).

Do you know which category you are going to fall in? Do you even want to take a chance that you are in the 10 percent that die before the age of 55? Over 44 million people smoke in the US alone so that means nearly 4.4 million will die before the age of 55. Try shaking a stick at that number and tell yourself that it won’t happen to you.

Every year over 400,000 smokers die and another 50,000 from the effects of second hand smoke. When you quit smoking you greatly reduce the chance of just being another death statistic.

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