What Would You Do to Save Your Marriage

People will go to extreme lengths to save their marriage, rightly so. Our relationships are the most important things in our lives, they provide support, love, encouragement, pain and hope. Why is it that we treat our addiction to smoking as a relationship? We often feel like we’re giving up our best friend when stopping and that we simply can’t make it through one day without it.

Did you know that there are many of the same resources available to save your marriage as stopping smoking? Counseling, support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, books and self-help resources. There are a variety of resources available to anyone wanting to save their marriage as well as stop smoking. So why is it people will go to extreme lengths to save their marriage but barely scratch the surface when it comes to stopping smoking?

We all see the benefits of marriage. We love our spouse and family and it would be hard to imagine life without them. That goes the same for cigarettes; it is hard to imagine life without smoking. Here’s the problem! We view smoking as a best friend that has helped us get through some very tough times. Who knows what would have happened if the Marlboro Man wasn’t there to save the day.

If you truly want to give up smoking and be glad you did you need to stop using it as a crutch. Smoking is not your best friend. Smoking is killing you with each puff. There’s nothing you can’t overcome or handle in life that requires smoking, NOTHING! The sooner you believe this to be true the closer you will be to a person that enjoys life without ever wanting or ‘needing’ a cigarette again.