What Makes You Smoke

Smoking is more than a bad habit, it is an addiction. Nicotine is a powerful drug that quickly hooks people that start smoking. In a short period of time your body will become accustom to having it in the system and will require more and more in order for you to feel “normal.”

Each time the level of nicotine runs low in your body you start to experience cravings. The longer you go without the stronger the urge can be until the nicotine is out of your system. Nicotine addiction is a major reason for what makes you smoke.

Additional influences that make you smoke are the things that you do over the years while smoking. For many they begin to relate things such as relaxing, dealing with stress, boredom, anger, and anxiety to smoking. Developing new habits such as smoking while on the phone or driving can also play into what makes you smoke. There are many reasons a smoker continues to smoke. Think about what that means to you, what tempts you to smoke? The more you understand your addiction and what makes you want to smoke the better you can plan for dealing with these things.

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