What is Your Focus When Quitting Smoking

Set Your Sights on the Positive
Set Your Sights on the Positive
It has been three days since your last cigarette and the cravings keep on coming but you are pushing on making it hour by hour. All you can think about is that if you smoke a cigarette all these feelings will go away. Well you are right they will for a few minutes then you will be faced with the guilt of failure and stuck right back into the same routine you have worked so hard to free yourself from. When you quit smoking do you mentally focus on what you are giving up? Or are you focusing on the new positive things in life?

If all you are thinking about is smoking and how hard it is to quit then it is going to be hard. You have to change your focus! Focus on what is good and true… Focus on the new freedom and life that is waiting for you… Focus on building new healthier habits that are going to improve the quality of your life.

When you quit smoking you are going to feel like you are giving up something and sometimes you may feel that smoking helped you to relax, manage stress, manage weight, or whatever the case. So when you quit smoking you need to develop new habits to replace what you “believed” smoking provided. Don’t just quit smoking without a backup plan to handle life. Building new habits will also help you to distract yourself from thoughts of smoking. After your next gym work out or brisk take a moment to think about what you are thinking… chances are it isn’t about smoking and the thought of a cigarette really isn’t that appealing.

Just like with quitting smoking it is going to take effort on your part to build new habits to focus on and hopefully you have chosen new habits that you have wanted to do. You are already giving up a habit that you don’t like or that you know is killing you so why try to pick up another habit that you have no interest in chances are you will only fail and right now you need SUCCESS in your life.

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