Ways to Stop Smoking

Smoking is no longer considered “in” or cool unless you are in your teenage years. Smoking poses danger not only to the smoker but those that are exposed to second-hand smoke and in the attempt to protect nonsmokers, bring back lost productivity and lower health costs associated with smoking related illnesses government and private entities are making drastic changes to their smoking policies. High taxes and heavy restrictions have been placed on tobacco and smokers. Many indoor establishments no longer allow smoking and companies are looking to employ non-smoking individuals.

Before you consider the ways to stop smoking it is important to consider the benefits of doing so. Think about the value of your own life. For example, how much is seven years of your life worth? According to the British Medical Journal, seven years is the time you can add to your lifespan if you stop smoking. Of course living longer doesn’t mean much if the quality of your life is poor. All medical experts will tell you the same thing; smoking has a devastating affect on a person’s health.

Ways to Stop Smoking

When you are ready to stop smoking you need to make a firm commitment. Smoking is a physical and psychological addiction so it won’t be easy to stop. The best way to succeed is to believe in your heart and mind that you are going to stop smoking once and for all. It is time to start telling yourself you are a non-smoker. You weren’t born one so why should you die one?

There are several ways to stop smoking; choose the method that you think will work best. If you first don’t succeed try and try again. You may need to try several methods before actually quitting.

  1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy – Products such as nicotine gum, lozenge and patch deliver nicotine to your body without the carcinogenic chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke. Lessening the physical withdrawals.
  2. Acupuncture and Laser Therapy – Both of these are based on Chinese medicine and put pressure on strategic points in the body which balance the flow of vital energy. In the case of acupuncture needles are used while in laser therapy a laser is focused on these points.
  3. Hypnosis – During hypnotherapy a patient is put into a relaxed state and is then given the suggestion to stop smoking. Visualization techniques can be used to help the patient see how life will be as a nonsmoker.
  4. Yoga and Meditation – Physical and mental exercises that enhance health and increase concentration can help smokers quit. By building a positive mental and physical environment in a person they can overcome negative habits.

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