Understanding Nicotine Addiction

The effects and consequences of nicotine addiction are vast and affect people in all walks of life as well as all spheres of life; medically, economically, and socially.

Even though smoking cigarettes isn’t considered drug abuse it is considered drug addiction. In essence a regular smoker is addicted to the effects of nicotine and needs to continue to smoke in order to avoid the feelings of withdrawal. Smoking may seem harmless but in all actuality more than 400,000 people die each year from a smoking related illness. These are deaths that could have been avoided by simply not smoking.

Nicotine Addiction as Drug Addiction

Nicotine is a powerful drug that has been around for a long time and used for many different purposes – one if which is a poison. Somehow it was determined that it had addictive properties and affects the brain by providing a pleasurable sensation. Addiction is categorized as having a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite any harmful consequences. The reason it is considered a disease of the brain is because nicotine changes the brain by changing the way it works.

A smoker that misses one of their daily doses begins to suffer from withdrawal; in fact the body begins to go into withdrawal shortly after smoking. There is a reason there are 20 cigarettes in a pack. Smokers are constantly going in and out of withdrawal. People will ask others for cigarettes if they are out, they will take a puff off of a strangers smoke, and worst case scenario they will pick up a partially smoked cigarette off the ground and smoke it. These things happen… can you say that this is not addiction?

There are so many reasons to give up this addiction and there are many different stop smoking products available. Smokers are addicted and it is time to break that addiction and take control of your life.

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