Two Year Old Smokes a Pack a Day

When I first saw this I thought it was fake, however, it isn’t. The father gave his son his first cigarette when he was a year and a half and continued to do so. Now the kid is addicted to nicotine and smokes a pack a day. While mom is distraught because her son is addicted the father, Mohammed, doesn’t feel anything is wrong with it.

In the U.S. you would hope someone would step in and put a stop to this but this isn’t in the U.S. it is in Indonesia. Instead of the government stepping in and putting an end to the abuse they are offering to buy the family a car if the child quits smoking… which so far they haven’t so having a car must not be that important to them, nor is their child’s health. I guess they are getting their fifteen minutes of fame for being some of the stupidest parents but if you continue to reward stupidity then it will continue.

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So you think this doesn’t happen in the U.S.? Think again… we have our share of stupid parents.