Trying to Quit Smoking

Stop Trying and Take that First Step
Stop Trying and Take that First Step

Recently an old friend was visiting and we were talking about quitting smoking, we both have smoked for years however I have quit and she has not. As she spoke about how she was “trying” to quit I thought that was great. But how long do you keep trying? I remember saying that I was trying to quit smoking for nearly a year. Now that I think back I must not of been trying very hard.

The point is – there comes a point to either “piss or get off the pot.” You either are or aren’t doing something. That holds true for everything in our lives, the things we are doing, want to do, or should stop doing. When you really take a moment to consider the word “TRY” it will ultimately lead you to one of two conclusions. Either you did do something that you intended or you didn’t!

Trying to do something for too long only leaves a loop hole for failure, an excuse to quit. Stop trying and commit to quitting smoking. When you do that you will end up in one of two places, you will either succeed or fail. Which one you achieve depends fully on you… so get the word try out of your vocabulary, unless you are trying on clothes, and take that next step and either DO or DO NOT!

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