Truth About Secondhand Smoke

When inhaling secondhand smoke it is called involuntary or passive smoking and even a little secondhand smoke can be dangerous.

No one that comes into contact with secondhand smoke is safe. Children who are exposed may develop breathing problems, get more ear infections, and develop lung infections. Babies have a higher rate of SIDS and are born with low birth weights when their mother smokes.

When nonsmokers are exposed to secondhand smoke they too can develop cancer and heart disease. It breaks down their immune system and they get colds and the flu easier. They even may die earlier than people who have not been exposed to secondhand smoke.

Unfortunately, many nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoker are done so at work. Many need their jobs and to quit would mean no paycheck. This is another good reason to stop smoking… if someone is around you or you are in an enclosed place they are being exposed to the poisons and it is hurting them and it very well could be taking time off their lives just like it is yours.

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