There is Always Room for Change

With the new year quickly approaching people are considering areas of change. For some reason the new year brings new resolutions. People see the need for change and the 1st of January is as good a day as any to start. There is a break in the holidays and it is a good time to lose some weight, stop smoking or pursue a new career. Whatever your goals are in life there is always room for change and you can initiate the change any time.

The basic motivators in life are pain and pleasure; drumming up enough will power to stop smoking at the new year may prove difficult unless there is enough pain involved. Just to clarify – pain covers, emotional, physical and spiritual torment. People that want to stop smoking desire it because they feel the negative effects of smoking. Their lungs hurt, their teeth are gray, everything they own stinks, it hurts the people closest to them, guilt, etc. When you pile these effects upon one another the choice to smoke or not smoke becomes easy. The pleasure (perceived pleasure) of smoking is almost non-existent and the decision to quit is easy.

The pain/pleasure motivators affect all areas of our lives. That is why habits are so easy to start because of the perceived pleasure one gets in the beginning. As the negative effects start to take shape we rationalize our choice to continue even though we know change is needed. The pain of changing hasn’t outweighed the pain of continuing down the same path. However, unless death takes you first, eventually the time will come when most smokers will try to quit.

Most smokers, when faced with the thought of stopping, won’t jump up and kick their heels, instead they are likely biting their lip contemplating how unpleasant the first few days will be. Fear of failure will keep many from taking steps toward quitting as well as not knowing how to cope with stress. Right out of the gate you are going to need to believe in yourself if you want to succeed. Fears can be overcome and often we fear things that truly don’t have any control over us so don’t give them control by fearing them.

Whether your goal is to enter the new year smoke free or stop at a later date you should consider it a major lifestyle change (for the better). Gather resources to help you gain insight on managing stress, cravings, withdrawals and improving your health. You can successfully quit and experience new pleasures in life.