The Will to Quit Smoking

Determination Wins Out
Determination Wins Out
Over 70 percent of smokers want to quit smoking and they are eagerly waiting for that day to come. Actually eagerly may not be the right term because when I quit smoking I was not necessarily eager as I was scared to death.

I have tried to quit before time and time again and that statement in itself tells you that I was not successful, failure after failure instilled in me that I did not have the willpower to quit this horrible addiction.

I was quitting smoking for a good cause, me and my family. Me being the number one motive, if we don’t do it for ourselves then we are going to have issues when it comes to long-term success.

I know quitting smoking is possible, I have seen friends and peers do it. I have the ability to deduce that overcoming an addiction is possible. The primary stumbling block isn’t whether or not we have the willpower to quit smoking but the love of nicotine and what it does for us.

Nicotine is a powerful addictive drug that affects our minds but what we ignore is that at the same time it is destroying our bodies and hurting everyone that comes into contact with even small levels of secondhand smoke.

The fortunate thing is that thousands of people are successfully trying to escape its grip and many have already succeeded. They are the same people who once thought that they would not be able to quit. Finally they won over evil and turned their dream into reality. Their determination and persistence has worked for them.

You Can Quit Smoking Too:

You obviously have a will and a desire to quit smoking and for every successful person that is where they started, however, that is not where it ends. You need to follow through with the commitment you have made to yourself and unless you make some major changes to your thinking you are going to have a very difficult go at it.

Smoking is ingrained in your life with your daily thinking, activities, and feelings. You need to be able to associate good, positive reasons to why you need to quit smoking and you need to fully understand the consequences of not quitting and the damage it is doing. This takes education and there is plenty of it out there.

Other great quit smoking websites include:

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