The Smoking Savior

Commercials have been airing about this product and I must admit this product seems a bit ridiculous. I understand the power of addiction and how hard it is to quit smoking but in my opinion the Smoking Savior won’t work. It claims to be nicotine, tobacco, and tar free – this being the case if you use this product instead of regular cigarettes you are still going to go through withdrawals. Your body wants NICOTINE not the smoking sensation. That is merely a habit and one that is pretty easily broken.

Why spend $100 just to walk around and blow smoke out of your mouth? The product also claims to taste like the real thing… Do you remember the first time you had a cigarette? Chances are it was pretty nasty and did not taste good. However, over time as your body grew more and more addicted to nicotine the taste didn’t really matter that much anymore.

Instead of putting your money into something that doesn’t really have any value whatsoever use it to buy yourself something that you have been wanting for a long time.

Quit smoking and break the bad habit instead of trading a bad habit for another bad habit.

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