The Devil Within

man smoking cigarette

We are all born with a bad side that clouds our judgment and decision making from time to time. Combine that with a physical and psychological addiction of any kind and you have yourself the makings for a big mess. Stopping smoking is a major challenge for most people wishing to quit but it isn’t impractical or impossible to succeed. If we could only do away with the conflict within things would be so much simpler not to mention easier but unfortunately we have to take the good with the bad.

You know the reasons to stop smoking, your intentions are good and you have a solid plan so why does it seem like the little devil inside, that nagging voice that tempts you by saying, “Just smoke one” is stronger than the part of you that is trying to save your life?

The answer – self-discipline! For years, poor self-discipline has led you to satisfy your urge and desire to smoke without question. It has become second nature and is as much a habit as eating. People don’t typically change until the pain or perceived pleasure outweighs their current situation. By the time you make the decision to stop smoking it has been many years which makes life without smoking hard to imagine. Here’s the good news, everyone is capable of self-discipline even if they have been terrible at it in the past. The more you exercise it the stronger it will become.

Consider more than not lighting up. When you stop smoking you are changing your life in a big way. Self-discipline is going to play an important role in changing the way you eat, what you do with your free time, who you hang out with and keeping a positive mental attitude. Each of these areas will play a major role creating the new you and help you to manage your cravings while staying motivated and focused on quitting.

Exercise your right to say ‘no’ to the things that don’t get you where you want to be. It isn’t always easy but over time it will get easier. Remember everyone has the ability to change their lives for the better, no matter what it is. You can too!