The Cost of Smoking

There are many costs associated with smoking. There are the health effects of smoking that tend to cost our nation nearly $100 billion each year and then there are the costs associated with lost productivity, which also equals about $100 billion a year but I doubt many smokers really care about that, but what about the cost of a pack of cigarettes?

With taxes and all an average pack of smokes these days is around $5. For the pack a day smoker that is $35 a week, $150 a month, $900 every six months, $1,800 a year, think about this if you are 30 years old and stop smoking; by the time you are 50 you have saved $36,000! Take that one step further, if you put $1,800 a year into an investment account earning 10 percent (compounded annually) in 20 years you will have over $113,000.

Think about what you can do with that chunk of change? Would you stop smoking for $113,000?

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