Talking to Your Doctor When Quitting Smoking

Talk to Your Doctor

Talk to Your Doctor

I have never known a doctor to tell anyone that they should continue to smoke. If you have health concerns or questions about quitting smoking then it is always a good idea to meet with them to discuss. There are many alternatives to quitting smoking and your doctor may be able to help you choose what will work best for you. Some medications require you to get a prescription so you would need to consult your doctor on those.

Typically, medications and over the counter products are designed to help with withdrawals when quitting smoking. Even though people typically start smoking again because of stress the withdrawals can be uncomfortable and for some start smoking to feel good again. Typically you may have to deal with dullness, restless nights, anxiety, feeling tense but you are not going to shake violently or foam at the mouth. You just need to hang in there.

Still quitting smoking cold turkey is not for everyone and the whole point is to QUIT SMOKING. How you do it is up to you. Check out more on getting help to quit smoking and the different options available to you.

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