Switch Down and Quit – Quit Smoking Method

There are many, many techniques that people have come up with over the years to help quit smoking. As I was looking for additional information on the topic I came across a book called Switch down and Quit: What the Tobacco Companies Don’t Want You Know about Smoking. The book was not what I expected. What I thought I was in for was some juicy details on how these cigarette companies get people hooked. Well the book has plenty of stories about that since the authors used to work for them but the gist of the book is about how different brands of cigarettes along with different sizes and labels actually vary in the amount of tar and nicotine they contain. So for example, a smoker who smokes a pack of Marlboro Red a day is more addicted to nicotine than someone who smokes Marlboro Lights. The reason being Reds contain more nicotine per cigarette than Lights.

The theory of the book is that you can systematically switch brands and label of smokes, depending on your level of addiction, from a high nicotine smoke to a lower nicotine smoke. Over time as your body adjusts to the lower nicotine eventually when you finally quit smoking you will be on a cigarette that delivers a small dose of nicotine. They claim this makes quitting much easier. I can see how but one problem I find with the book is that they claim that there are no psychological effects of smoking and I disagree. I think over time people use smoking as a crutch and thus develop psychological attachment to smoking.

If you are considering quitting smoking and not sure if this method is for you is still doesn’t hurt to try. Chances are you have tried other ways and failed. The key is to keep trying. If you smoke more than a pack a day you are over 16 time more likely to die of lung cancer than a nonsmoker. The more you smoke the higher the odds. Is this what you want for you and your family? Dying from lung cancer is a painful and sometimes a very quick death, within a few months of finding out.

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