Stopping Smoking Requires Persistence

There are instances in our lives where we look back and wonder why we chose making a certain decision, such as starting to smoke or why we didn’t stop when we tried years ago. We have heard that stopping smoking is one of the hardest things to do and in all honesty it can be challenging but you have overcome many challenges throughout life so why is quitting any different?

Stopping smoking requires persistence! Once you plant the seed in your mind to give up smoking you need to nourish it and help it to grow. You do this through education, preparation and creating the intent to stop.

Over the years you have developed beliefs, about everything, in this case reasons why you smoke. Often smoking is viewed as a method to control stress, weight, anxiety, boredom, hunger and is used as a reward. When you finally discover that smoking is nothing more than a bad habit; stopping will be easier than you ever thought possible. Make a list of your beliefs, related to smoking, and put an end to them. There are many healthy ways to deal with everyday life; those are the things you should set you mind too.

Each day you are persistent to stop smoking you will become more and more powerful and realize that you can be successful.