Stopping Smoking is Rewarding

When you stop smoking you are going to benefit as your body begins to repair the damage. But you should not let it stop there. You are doing much more than stopping smoking, you are starting a new life. You will be able to do things you used to not do. You will feel better than you have felt in a long time and you will no longer be addicted to the drug nicotine.

Stopping smoking can also be rewarding in a different way. As you save the money you used to spend on cigarettes think about all the different ways you can reward you and/or your family. Splurge on a dinner at a fancy restaurant, go to a movie, go to a concert, or get a massage. Save your money for a year and take a small vacation. Save your money for 20 years, invest it and have over $100,000.

Plan on rewarding yourself after you stop smoking because it will help you stay motivated.

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