Stopping Smoking is in the Mind

Stopping smoking is largely mind over matter; you need to get control over your thoughts and beliefs if you want to have long-term success at quitting. Earl Nightingale said we are products of our own thinking and belief systems. This means, what we think about and how we think creates our future. As it relates to stopping smoking, if you view smoking as a friend you will have difficulty giving it up because none of us like losing our friends. But if you think about your new life in terms of how you will feel better, have more money, less health issues, be more attractive and smelling better you will produce that in your life.

Statistics show that when smokers stop they have several failed attempts. Often this may lead to guilt and shame making a person feel like they aren’t good enough or strong enough. That couldn’t be more further from the truth. We all have set backs in life – if you entertain these negative feelings it robs you of power and creates weakness.

Stopping smoking is in the mind and as long as you know where you want to go your mind will get you there. Positive thinking is the key to your success.

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