Stop Smoking – What Will You be Missing Out On?

Give Up Your Best Friend - Stop Smoking

Just thinking about stopping smoking can create fear and anxiety in a person. At first, we think we are going to be missing out on something good or we’re losing our best friend and it makes quitting hard. Why would you want to give up something that’s such a major part of your life and ‘used’ to bring so much pleasure? Do you remember the first few times you smoked? I bet it hurt and made you cough, tasted like crap and probably made you a bit nauseous. Or, do you only remember the buzz-like feeling which kept you coming back for more?

In the beginning, smoking wasn’t a best friend. It was one of those things we did to fit in, rebel or chase a buzz. Who would have thought we would turn it into a crutch to manage everyday life? When you stop smoking you aren’t going to be missing out on anything and you won’t be giving up your best friend. Instead you will be ridding yourself of the crutch you’ve used for years and learning to walk on your own.

Stopping smoking is going to open up doors for you. Instead of hanging out on the side of the building where you work you’ll be more productive. If you replace your old lifestyle with a new healthier one you will look and feel better, possibly increasing your sex appeal. You will be sick less, have more time to spend with family, do more, see more… Your day will be scheduled around the things you want to do rather than having to break away every couple hours to keep the withdrawals to a minimum.

Instead of managing stress, anxiety, boredom, fear, anger, etc. by smoking join the rest of the world that does it naturally. If you need a best friend to make you feel good then get yourself a dog or choose something healthy like walking, running, swimming, yoga, biking, or going to the gym. Anything that has to do with exercise is going to release a feel good chemical in the brain while helping you manage stress. Just think of all the things you’ll gain by stopping smoking – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.