Stopping Smoking and Weight Gain

Four out of five people who stop smoking gain weight.

There are dozens of positives that go along with quitting smoking, however four out of five people who quit will experience some weight gain and this can be viewed as a negative and in some cases a deterrent. What people you to understand is that the majority who gain weight will only gain between 5 to 10 pounds. Compared to the health effects of smoking this is mild and should not prevent you from stopping nor cause you to light up because of it.

Before discussing the reasons people gain weight after stopping you need to understand that weight gain is a simple concept. Based off your age, sex, activity level, lean muscle mass, and metabolism if you consume more calories than your body burns then you will gain weight. So really it isn’t the fact that you stopped smoking that made you gain weight but the changes your body goes through returning to normal and the habits you pick up to replace smoking.

Reasons People Gain Weight after Stopping Smoking

  • Metabolism – when you smoke you increase your heart rate which in-turn increases your metabolism. After quitting your metabolism eventually slows down to a healthy rate. A slower metabolism means that your body will burn fewer calories.
  • Change in Eating Habits – after stopping smoking many people realize food tastes really good. Eating more is also a common withdrawal symptom after quitting and may be used to help manage the stress associated with quitting as well.
  • Oral Gratification – is another reason for weight gain. Having the need to put something in your mouth is something that exsmokers say they go through. When this turns out to be food then there is a good chance that weight gain could occur.

Minimize Stop Smoking Weight Gain

Stopping smoking is a lifestyle choice and it is the best thing that you can do for your body. If you really want to feel good about yourself and improve the quality of your life then you should not only quit smoking but get regular physical exercise and eat right. Exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism and the more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate. Also by controlling what you eat and minimizing junk food you can easily manage your weight. Chances are you weren’t getting the physical activity you needed when you were smoking so if you want to keep the weight off then you will need to modify your lifestyle. Stop Smoking – Exercise – Eat Right!!

Stop Smoking Tip

With healthy eating and exercise you will be able to manage your weight after quitting as well as withdrawal symptoms.

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