Stop Smoking Reward

Many people use smoking as a reward; they do it after meeting a deadline or completing an important task. “Ahh! I finally get to take a break and smoke…” so many smokers have this mentality and it is one of the reasons why stopping smoking is hard. Smokers look forward to their next cigarette.

Obviously there are many better ways to reward yourself for a “job well done” and when you stop smoking you will want to do just that. One of the best rewards available to you is money! Calculate how much you are spending a year on cigarettes and think about how you can use that money to reward yourself. If the average pack costs $4 and you are a pack a day smoker that is $1,460 a year.

You don’t need to wait to reward yourself until the year is up and you shouldn’t. Put that money into a jar and save it for a month at the end of 30 days you have $120 – a massage would be nice. Continue to put money away for another 6 months and reward yourself again with $720 – not too shabby – looking at a flat screen TV.

Give yourself something to look forward to after you stop smoking. Sure there will be many other benefits but this is like icing on the cake and you deserve it.

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