Stop Smoking Quit Date

Setting a good quit date can make the difference between success or failure.

Today is the day many people may be stopping smoking but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the day for you. Some smokers find it hard to quit at certain times – during a crisis, after a loss, after a bad day, or at a stressful time. Examine how you view such times in your life and determine how you are going to deal with them without smoking.

Don’t let these be an excuse for you to not set a quit date but be aware of them. Maybe you need a week or two to deal with some personal problems going on in your life before quitting. There is a certainty about life, you will have bad days so if you have them a lot you need to find another way to deal with them without smoking.

Put together an action plan on how you are going to deal with the triggers that make you want to smoke. The day you set to stop smoking doesn’t have to be a special day at first, but it will be a day you celebrate each year after quitting.

Good Days to Stop Smoking:

  • On your birthday
  • Wedding anniversary
  • New Years
  • Independence Day
  • World No Tobacco Day

Stop Smoking Tip

Pick a day to stop smoking that works best for you.

Get Instant Access to One of the Best Stop Smoking Programs Available!

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