Types of Stop Smoking Programs

There are various stop smoking programs available depending on what you are looking for. No matter which method you try you still need to put in the effort and it won’t always be easy so be prepared for challenges and temptations.

Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

For some stopping smoking cold turkey is the way to go. You quickly rid your body of nicotine and other harmful chemicals. When you stop cold turkey you tell yourself you’ll never smoke again and you simply don’t light up. Quick note about stopping smoking cold turkey; fewer than 5 percent quit this way.

Stop Smoking Using Over the Counter Medications

Over the counter medications is another stop smoking program. It allows the body to gradually reduce the nicotine in the system, lessening the effects of nicotine withdrawal. Products such at nicotine gum, lozenges, and the patch have been proven to help people stop smoking.

Stop Smoking with Prescription Medications

Your doctor can prescribe medications to help you stop smoking. Prescription drugs typically don’t contain nicotine, however they help with the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

Stop Smoking Support Groups

Whether you stop smoking using another method it is still important to get into a support group. Talking with others and being around others that are going through the same experience can help you identify and overcome situations that may tempt you to smoke.

There are also many stop smoking programs on the internet that have proven effective. Everyone is different and needs to research and find the program that works best for them.

Stop Smoking Tip

Know your options when it comes to quitting. There are many stop smoking programs that can help.

Get Instant Access to One of the Best Stop Smoking Programs Available!

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