Stop Smoking Pep Talk

People don’t pursue things that they don’t believe are possible. One person’s view can be quite different from another’s. Think of the criticism Einstein or Jefferson used to get from those that did not believe as they did yet today we depend and take for granted their accomplishments and contributions to our society.

It is likely that you want to stop smoking and it’s either a little voice in your head or a fellow friend, smoker, that saying, “You can’t do it.” Unlike Einstein or Jefferson you are not on the front lines, it may feel like it, but millions of people have quit and led happier healthier lives. You know the damage smoking is doing to your body and the bodies of those close to you. It is a drain on your finances and in this day and age it can be a bit embarrassing. Many smokers need to huddle around an ashtray on the other-side of the parking lot at work in order to get their fix. Seems kind of foolish, don’t you think?

You may feel like you are alone but you aren’t. There are countless people, right now, feeling exactly what you are going through. Whether you are still contemplating stopping, on your first day, first week or even your first year there are people that have been there and that are there right now. Don’t isolate yourself or be tricked into smoking, not even just one. Use the resources available to help you succeed. Call the quit line, a supportive friend or go to a support group in your area. Seconds not smoking add up to minutes which add up to hours which lead to days – take it one second at a time and with ‘NO’ as your motto you will be a full blown non-smoker in no time.