Stop Smoking Challenges

When you stop smoking you are going to be faced with challenges. This blog and website was set up to provide you with stop smoking tips and resources to help you with dealing with these challenges. The more information that you can put to use the better off you will be.

Stopping smoking will present both short-term and long-term challenges and you may need different tools to deal with each.

Short-term Stop Smoking Challenges

Unfortunately when people stop smoking they end up starting again within the first 3 months of quitting. This is due to the withdrawal symptoms and physical discomfort they feel from not having nicotine in the body. Nicotine replacement products, such as Nicorette Nicotine Gum can help manage the cravings while you learn to live life without smoking.

Long-term Stop Smoking Challenges

Over the years you have developed habits that revolve around smoking. When you get stressed you smoke, when you feel a certain way you smoke, or certain smells can trigger your desire to smoke. In order to get keep from smoking long-term you need to be able to manage your desires and you do this by learning new things. Learn how to manage stress and find healthy ways to keep from smoking.

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