Stop Smoking by Finding the Right Distraction

In the beginning you are going to have a hard time with concentrating on many things. You may even find it difficult to complete those crossword puzzles you are used too. But you will regain your talents and concentration in time. For now it is important that you find the right distraction to keep from smoking.

You may need to find things to do with your hands after you stop smoking. You may find that holding a pen or pencil works well. Some people squeeze a stress ball or silly putty. Another idea would be to hold on to a coin or something memorable from your child’s room that reminds you why you are quitting. The point is to do something with your hands so you don’t miss holding a cigarette between your fingers.

Many people find that they need to put something in their mouth in order to not miss smoking so much. This works well if you use a toothpick, straw, hard candy, gum, or fresh vegetables. By having something to keep your mouth busy it won’t think about smoking as much.

Keeping your hands and mouth busy can really help with the daily cravings that come and go. There is nothing like a great distraction.

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