Stop Smoking by Changing Your Routine

How many years have you been waking up in the morning; having a smoke, smoking on the way to work, on break, after lunch, on break again, on your way home, after dinner, and before bed? Many routines are similar except there are probably many more breaks and cigarettes smoked throughout the day.

After you stop smoking you are still going to need to face these times when you used to smoke. What are you going to do differently? For starters, you aren’t going to smoke! Think about how you can change your routine to help manage the times and places that trigger the urge to smoke.

When you get up in the morning (and after meals), immediately brush your teeth or get physically active. While driving to work consider car pooling, listening to a different radio station, and taking a different route if possible. On breaks at work; read a book, walk around the building, or call a friend. The point is to stop smoking by changing your routine. By making things different you can help manage the cravings and triggers that make you want to smoke plus you are trying new things and that is always a plus.

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