Stop Smoking Announcement

Are you ready to stop smoking? Have you set the date? Then you are ready to announce that you are going to stop smoking to your friends, family, and coworkers.

There are many good reasons to let those close to you know that you are stopping smoking. They can be a wonderful support system and help you stay accountable to your decision to quit. Not everyone may understand what you are going through and feel but they will definitely be supportive as you reach your goal.

When you stop smoking you are going to feel strangely, you won’t be yourself. Yes, you will be moody at times and might say things to people that you didn’t mean. Stopping smoking is no reason to treat people poorly but on more than one instance someone quitting has said a mean thing or two to either a friend, family member or coworker as they struggle with the side effects of stopping smoking.

Giving them a heads up of what to expect will help them to not take it personal, if it does happen, and who knows it might keep you from getting fired at work. So tell your boss that you are quitting and that you might not be yourself for a couple weeks.

341 thoughts on “Stop Smoking Announcement”

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