Stop Smoking and Stress

Stress has an affect on everyone, in fact we need stress to survive, however too much stress or not being able to manage stress can lead to mental and physical problems. Many people smoke in order to manage their stress but stress can come in all shapes and sizes so waiting for a day without stress to stop smoking is likely not going to happen, let alone a few days in a row.

When you stop smoking you will increase your stress level as you grow anxious and adjust to not having nicotine in your system. You need to develop new and healthy ways to manage the stress in your life. One of the major stumbling blocks for people who stop smoking is stress or to be more accurate the inability to manage stress.

Plan how you are going to manage stress before you even quit so you know what and how you are going to handle it. Remember, exercising and deep breathing are two great ways to keep the stress in your life manageable.

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