Stop – Better Yet Never Start

“Stop! Police!” shouts the officer as you jump the security gate streaking across the field with nothing but white tube socks and tennis shoes. As your adrenalin pumps through your body there is little time to think about how badly this is going to end. As you are apprehended, slammed to the ground, hand cuffed, and taken off to spend the day in jail you might actually have the thought that this was not one of your better ideas. Yet the damage is done.

This is a mild mistake compared to making the decision to start smoking and the health consequences are far more severe. The point is we need to look at our actions and compare the consequences. For some it may be worth it, for fame and glory, to endure a few hours of pain and discomfort streaking across a football field. But what about the decision to smoke; is it worth putting your family at risk? Is it worth getting cancer and dying early?

Unfortunately, things that can harm us are perceived as being fun and this may be true for a season but that is it. The choice is yours on whether or not you live a long and healthy life by the choices you make from day to day. Of course we can’t control everything that happens to us but we can control what we do and put into our bodies.

Don’t be one of the thousands of young adults that start smoking each day; in time you will regret it and suffer the consequences.

1,144 thoughts on “Stop – Better Yet Never Start”

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