Smoking Urges–Memories of Smoking

What do You Remember
What do You Remember
Over the days, weeks, months, of not smoking you are going to encounter smoking urges. Strong at first but over time they will become less intense and less frequent until you find yourself rarely even thinking about a cigarette.

In previous posts we have talked about nicotine withdrawals that bring on urges, cravings to smoke, and now we are going to talk about memories of smoking.

Often times we have fond memories of our childhood or an experience at school or with a friend that warms our heart and makes us smile. Then there are memories of things that we wish we never did, that embarrass us, or make us cry in our pillow. Memories are a part of life and there is no getting around them, however, they don’t have to control our actions.

For many smokers, if not all, smoking was a crutch that provided a perceived benefit throughout life. As a person quits smoking they often feel that they are giving up something that actually improved the quality of their lives. When smoking memories occur they usually aren’t the first thoughts of when your lungs burned and you coughed until you thought you were going to throw up. They are of the high it gave you, the rush of energy, and excitement.

Think of it from an addiction point of view. When smoking memories creep their ugly head they are typically in favor of picking up the habit once more, reminding you of the good times. As an alcoholic do you remember all the times you humiliated yourself, threw up all over the place, misplaced your morals for a night, or the fact that you are a drunk? No you think of the fun you used to have, the fun you have not had in years and years. For some odd reason you start to think of how if you are careful you can be that person again.

The simple truth is you can never go back to smoking and get different results. You will end up addicted, you will lose approximately 11 minutes of your life with each cigarette you smoke, you will be back to square one!

Now for the good news… smoking memories are fairly easy to handle. They can creep up months or years after quitting smoking. As long as you have changed your belief about any positive benefits that smoking had you shouldn’t have any trouble at all. They come and go and it may not happen for a very long time. Remember that what your brain telling you is a lie and remind yourself that smoking is BAD!

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