Smoking Socially

When a person starts smoking it is usually when they are young, easily influenced and are trying to fit in. As time goes on they may develop relationships and social cues that influence them to continue smoking. When determining why you smoke it is important to consider the social aspects. Here are a few questions to help you better understand your social cues.

  • With whom do you spend most of your time ?
  • With whom do you smoke with? At work? Home? Bars?
  • Do you have any strong relationships with people that don’t smoke?
  • Do you live with someone that smokes?
  • Has your social networked changed since taking up smoking on a regular basis?

Knowing the answers can help prepare you for the day you quit smoking. For example; if you spend a lot of time with people that smoke you may need to find some nonsmokers to hang out with for a while until you have successfully quit. Or if you live with someone that smokes you may need to have a sit-down discussion with them on ideas how they can help you quit or maybe you quit together.

Don’t forget about your night life… if you tend to go out and have a few drinks over the weekend you might also be tempted to smoke. Consider taking time off from alcohol and/or the bar scene until you have some time not smoking under your belt. Many people start up smoking again because they tell themselves they will only smoke when they go out and drink. Unfortunately, this is very short lived and you will be smoking on a regular basis before you know it.