Smoking is Fun

Back in the day smoking took on the illusion that it was fun and cool. Look at the beer commercials this day and age. Everyone drinking a Coors Light is good looking, good at volley ball and surrounded by hot women. Isn’t that the life we all want? Smoking was the same. I don’t remember many smoking commercials but they sure did it up in the movies. Favorite movie stars showed just how fun smoking could be and if you smoked women would like you.

Smoking seems to open up opportunities that we would otherwise not know. Sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee in the cool morning air is okay but to do it with a cigarette is fun. The psychological effects of smoking are powerful and misleading. Nonetheless they are real and they need to be dealt with. As long as you think of smoking as fun you are going to have a hard time giving it up. None of us like to stop doing things that are fun. When you think about smoking you should think of it as someone dropping a bowling ball on your foot. That is not fun and if quitting smoking meant that no one would ever drop a bowling ball on your foot again you would welcome the idea. The psychological effects of smoking can’t be ignored.

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