Smoking Causes Periodontal Disease

You Won't Be Smiling After Visiting the Dentist
You Won't Be Smiling After Visiting the Dentist
For over 15 years I smoked and really never thought about what it was doing to my mouth. Even when I quit most of my concerns were with my lungs. Well let me tell you that there is more to be concerned with than just lungs. Sure smoking gives you bad breath and your teeth to turn yellow but even worse it causes gum disease and periodontal disease.

Matter of fact I have periodontal disease and it will never go away. I have lost bone in my teeth and my options are limited. Sure I could get surgery and they will cut my gums and clean all the way down the bone, sew me back up and I may be good for a spell but I will always have the disease and I will constantly need to work at keeping my teeth and gums clean. Typical cleanings require you to be numbed so you don’t feel their cleaning instruments below your gums scraping away.

Because of my choice to smoke I will most likely lose my teeth or have to spend a whole lot of money to fix them. Because I have periodontal disease my insurance doesn’t pay as much because I am no longer in a prevention stage I am in a maintenance stage. Go figure… now my dental costs are up and we haven’t even touched base on the rest of me yet.

Smoking causes periodontal disease! So quit smoking before it is too late.

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