Should Smoking in Cars with Children be Banned

You would think the answer to this question is easy. Actually, you would think that people were smart enough not to smoke in cars where there are children present. But that isn’t the case…

In recent years several states have banned smoking in cars where children are present and many more are considering it. It is undeniable that exposing children to secondhand smoke at all can create serious health risks. According to the New York Times, parental smoking kills over 6,000 children each year. Over one third of these deaths were associated with low birth rates caused by women smoking while pregnant. Another third are caused by sudden infant death syndrome while over 1,100 are linked to respiratory infections.

To make things worse, over 5 million children each year suffer ailments like ear infections and asthma that are triggered by their parents smoking.

It is cruel to smoke in your car and around your children knowing that you are seriously harming their health. Sticking your arm out the window or rolling down all the windows isn’t going to protect your children.

In all actuality it isn’t that difficult for smokers to protect their children from secondhand smoke especially since they are the main cause. Whether you are on a long or short road trip if you have children you will likely be making stops. Plan your smoking accordingly and things will be much more comfortable for both you and your children.

It is alarming that children are required to be protected in cars by buckling up and using the proper car seats yet when it comes to their health people are slow to act. If you are going to continue to smoke then you should really consider the health effects of smoking on your children and stop being selfish and uncaring by exposing them to the toxic chemicals that smoking creates.

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