Short-Term Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

You may think that when you quit smoking you are going to have to wait months or years to see some of the benefits of quitting. Well think again! The benefits of quitting smoking are almost immediate. Your body begins to repair itself within 20 minutes of your last cigarette. Your body rids itself of the poison gases and nicotine that have been infecting it for so many years. Your pulse rate returns to normal and the oxygen in your blood also returns to its normal level.

Within 3 days the nicotine will have left your body your sense of taste and smell will improve. You will be able to breathe easier and if you were suffering from a cough it may start to go away as well.

After 2 weeks your lungs begin to function better and your circulation should improve. With just a few more months of not smoking your lungs are better able to deal with the mucus, clean themselves, and reduce the risk of infection.

There are also immediate health effects for those that are around you everyday. No longer are they exposed to your secondhand smoke or the smell that sticks to your clothes each time you come in from having a cigarette. Not only will you be breathing easier but they will be too.

Each day you don’t smoke means you are that much richer to invest in healthier things. If you spend $5 a day on smokes just think about what you could do with that money instead. Of course this isn’t a direct health effect of smoking but it can lead to making a positive change in your life that has positive health benefits such as getting a gym membership or buying a new bike.

There are many short-term benefits when quitting smoking and it is the benefits that you should be concerned with and not what you “think” you are giving up.

1,838 thoughts on “Short-Term Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking”

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