Set Your Focus and Don’t Look Back

Finish the Race by Winning
Finish the Race by Winning
Determination and focus go a long way. Athletes become superstars, regular people invent the next best thing, and addicts kick their addictions.

Many things in life worth obtaining require dedication and persistence. The things that come easily are lost easily and usually aren’t that rewarding. Unfortunately, when it comes to quitting smoking you are giving up something that you have grown accustom to having. You have used it as a crutch to get through rough times as well as rewarding.

The more you focus on the things you want in your life the better your chances of getting them. That holds true for quitting smoking. You need to focus on quitting, gather information, and put together a plan on how you will quit. Take the time to learn about the health effects of smoking, stop smoking help available, and other resources that will help you succeed.

Quitting smoking is hard but so is everything that is worth obtaining. We have all had to work at something to make it to the next level. Whether it be going to college, learning a new job, or practicing on the field everyday.

You can quit smoking if you focus on it and the new life you will have after you quit. Don’t look at the things you will be giving up but the things you will gain.

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