Reward Yourself After Quitting Smoking

Reward Yourself
Reward Yourself
Quitting smoking is a huge accomplishment and you are going to want to reward yourself at some point. The reward aspect will help to motivate and keep your eyes on the future of not smoking. Smoking is an expensive habit and can for some cost them over $2,000 per year. That isn’t including possible medical costs and the cost of lost productivity at work.

The best way to reward yourself after quitting smoking is to calculate how much you spend daily on cigarettes then multiply by 365 to find out the yearly cost. For example; if you smoke a pack a day at $4 each (in actuality it is more like $5.15) you are spending ($4 x 365) $1,460 a year on cigarettes. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes every other day then you are spending approximately $2 a day or $730 year. Think about what you could do with that extra money. You could buy additional food for the family, pay bills, buy a tv, take a trip, join a gym, buy a camera, etc. With the above scenarios, that is $60 to $120 a month that is spent on cigarettes. You know that there are better ways to spend that money!

For many it may be difficult to wait a full year to reward yourself for quitting. A good place to start is the day you quit smoking put what you used to spend daily on smokes into a jar. After the first 30 days take that money and reward yourself. Continue to contribute to your “reward fund” and this time reward yourself at the six month marker. As you can see the rewards get bigger and better.

This is an important step to do when quitting smoking. It helps to keep motivated and reinforces your decision to quit. Take the time the first year to do this because if you let it go you may look back and still wonder where all your money goes. It seems no matter how much money you make a month it always goes fast so plan to reward yourself.

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