Remove Temptation

Can't Eat Just One
Can't Eat Just One

I have heard stories where people keep an unopened pack of cigarettes handy for those “just in case” situations.  Just in case for what?  When you fail!  Its not like you are going to get sick or die if you don’t smoke when you are faced with a particular situation.  You should be planning to succeed not FAIL.

Keeping temptation close at hand is not usually a great idea.  Smoking is an addiction and if you were quitting drugs or alcohol would you keep a bottle of whiskey next to your bed stand or a marijuana joint in your glove box?  Of course not!  So why do that with a pack of cigarettes?

As you quit smoking you need to remove all temptation.  Get rid of your smokes, lighters, ashtrays, and anything else that reminds you of smoking.  Enlist the help of your family and “spring” clean your home and car.  Get rid of the tobacco smell from your belongings.  Wash your clothes, shampoo the carpet, steam clean the curtains, etc. Whatever it takes – get rid of those things that remind you of smoking and think of the victory that is at hand.

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