Remove Temptation

Tempting Isn't It
Tempting Isn't It
Okay the big day is here and you are ready to give up smoking for good. You have been planning this for some time now and maybe even tried it a couple times before but this is it! Don’t set yourself up for failure – remove all temptation from your home, work, car, garage, everywhere you may have stashed tobacco and tobacco related products.

Throw away your cigarettes and lighter. If you are using an ashtray get rid of it. You could give it away but why enable someone else to smoke. I recommend throwing it away, maybe even crushing up you cigarettes and breaking the ashtray into pieces (just be careful). Don’t forget about your car… clean out the ashtray and replace it with loose change for the parking meter. Take out the lighter and replace it with a cap.

If you smoked in your home and your car both are going to need a good cleaning. Get rid of cigarette smell the best you can. Clean your drapes, clothes, furniture, and wipe down the walls. Clean your clothes and anything else that may have been in contact with smoke. Do the same for your car… clean the carpet the seats and get yourself a good smelling air freshener.

This way you are paving the road to success… The new improved healthier you. Quitting smoking is a big deal so take it seriously, you will be glad you did.

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