Regular vs Light Cigarettes


Many smokers smoke “low tar” or “light” cigarettes thinking that the health effects of smoking are less harmful than regular cigarettes. The way a person smokes a cigarette dictates how much tar and nicotine they inhale into the body. According to the FTC, research indicates that individuals that smoke “low tar” or “light” cigarettes compensate by taking longer deep drags as they smoke.

Smoking these types of cigarettes is not any healthier for you or those around you. The body is getting the nicotine one way or another either through smoking more frequently or with longer deeper puffs. Smoking companies try to trick smokers into thinking that there is a healthier way to kill yourself but the end result is still the same. Not everyone smokes the same and no one smokes the same as the machine does when they tested the amount of tar and nicotine a person may get when they smoke.

Also, cigarettes have small holes in the filters to help dilute the smoke with air. If you are holding onto the filter you could be covering up some of these holes which results in getting more nicotine and tar. According to the FTC it is impossible to tell from the ratings the amount of tar and nicotine a smoker will get from smoking. Smokers compensate in one form or another to get the amount of nicotine the body desires.

The fact is, whether smoking “regular”, “low tar”, or “light” you are putting your health and the health of others at risk. The only way to eliminate the health effects of smoking is to quit smoking.

214 thoughts on “Regular vs Light Cigarettes”

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