Regret Decision to Stop Smoking

Do you regret the decision to stop smoking? You are not alone; there are many people that find life difficult after stopping smoking. The nagging thought that things would be better if they continued to smoke, thoughts of how life was different and how things felt. The problem is we often forget about the turmoil we were in; the coughing, stinking, health threats and wasting hard earned money. Our lives revolved around it and we were destroying our bodies.

If you regret the decision to stop smoking then you likely feel as if you lost your best friend. A friend that would get you through stressful times, help you relax, be there to do things with, and make you feel good. The problem is not the decision to stop smoking but your perception.

Often, if you change your beliefs and self-talk you can overcome the feeling of giving up your best friend and regret. It is our beliefs that make us who we are and at times they can prevent us from growing and getting on with life. Regretting the decision to stop smoking is a choice and unless you confront it and change the way you think you may find yourself regretting much more.

Tips to Overcome Regret

  • Remind yourself that you stopped smoking to save your life and improve the quality of life.
  • Fill the void smoking left with other things such as a new hobby, exercise, eating healthy, or breathing exercises.
  • Practice positive self-talk and focus on the things that are going right in your life.
  • Don’t give into the lies about smoking. Smoking has no known benefit!
  • Think about things you have learned and your accomplishments.
  • What is it you really regret? Not being able to manage stress or slowing killing yourself?
  • Join a support group.

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