Reasons People Start Smoking

Nearly 2,000 yound adults become regular smokers on a daily basis.

Why Start Smoking

With the health effects of smoking it is amazing and quite mind boggling to consider why people start smoking. The answer is simple – Tobacco companies are targeting young adults with ads that show smoking to be a means of being cool or managing weight. Most often it is the teenagers that are starting to smoke, while the long-term smoker dies off young adults are filling in the gap. Nearly 2,000 teenagers each day become regular smokers!

why-smokeWhy Start Smoking?

If you have teenagers at home you probably already know they can be stubborn, rebellious, and feel indestructible. They know everything while mom and dad just don’t get it. Reasons people start smoking are:

  1. One or both parents smoke
  2. Rebellion
  3. Peer pressure
  4. There is a perceived status symbol
  5. Influence of a role model that smokes

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