Quitting Smoking Quit Date

The 4th a good day to quit date
The 4th a good day to quit date

What you need to know about setting the date you quit smoking may mean the difference between success or failure.

If you were to average out the number of people quitting smoking each year you would see that over 42,000 people try to quit each and every day. That is nearly a quarter of the population of Boise, Idaho.

If you are thinking about quitting smoking you need to take several things into consideration before setting the date. Smoking has been a part of your life for years and it has become a crutch for some and a best friend for others. Giving up smoking is not going to be easy but you can do it.

Before setting the date you may want to think about the things that make you want to smoke the most. Many smokers deal with stress, hunger, boredom and anger by smoking. The key to successfully quitting is to have a plan in place to deal with these things without smoking. Over 75 percent of the population does – you can too.

When setting you quit date you want to first be prepared, next you want to pick a date that works for you. Some like to have a couple days under their belt before returning to work. Quitting on a Saturday would be a good option. You may also consider setting your quit date on your birthday, anniversary, New Years, Independence Day, or the World No Tobacco Day. Whichever day you choose will be a day that you look back on with feelings of pride and accomplishment. This is the day you took your life back!

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