Quitting Smoking Makes You Fat

Minimize Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking
Minimize Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

Oh yes! You will gain weight after quitting smoking, a lot of people do. Did you know that the average weight gain is around 5 to 8 pounds? Wow, what are you going to do with that? You might as well not quit and continue to smoke your life away. Okay… I am done being sarcastic. Remember that quitting smoking is a lifestyle change, in fact, you should change several areas of your life when you quit.

After quitting your body is going to go through an adjustment period where your metabolism will slow to a more normal level. Also as you quit smoking you may find yourself craving sweets, this is normal, however, if you don’t moderate yourself you may be on a few unwanted pounds. As I mentioned before quitting smoking is a lifestyle change and you can manage your weight, stress, and cravings by changing 2 critical areas of your life, diet and exercise.

It is surprising how many people don’t understand what it means to eat healthy and to exercise regularly. Until a few years ago I was the same way. Raised to eat 3 meals a day with little emphasis on exercise. Well as I quit smoking and got a bit older the weight started sticking and my energy level went right out the window. Your body is going to go through some serious changes when you quit, it has to rid itself of the nicotine and heal from the health effects of smoking. You can heal your lungs after quitting smoking and other parts of your body. Doing this requires you to remain smoke free and to start taking care of yourself.

There are many health benefits to a healthy diet and regular physical activity. One of the great books that I believe will help you achieve your goals and promote great health no matter what stage you are in life and what physical shape you are in is Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

As a nonsmoker you will feel and look so much better but don’t stop there. Choose to get healthy and manage weight gain by eating low calorie snacks and get regular exercise. You will be glad you did!

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