Quitting Smoking and the Benefits of Accountability

Quitting smoking is a major challenge and many people try to do it alone because they are fearful of others judging them if they fail. The truth is most people who quit smoking require several attempts to do so and by having the proper support group or an accountability partner can greatly increase your chances of successfully quitting.

When choosing an accountability partner there are several options; friends, family or other quitters are great choices. Friends and family are easy to trust and communicate feelings, thoughts and beliefs too while fellow quitters understand more of what you are going through. Whoever you decide on they should be fair, understanding and firm. Choose someone that you feel comfortable talking with and trustworthy.

By finding a person to help hold you accountable you add a new line of defense when quitting smoking. After quitting you will be faced with feelings, thoughts and desires urging you to give up and smoke. The voice in your head urging you to smoke “just one” can be very convincing at times, especially on those days when nothing seems to go right. Having a person to call gives you a chance to calm down and let the craving pass. Cravings tend to pass quickly if you change your focus.

Quitting smoking requires honesty, with yourself and your accountability partner. If you aren’t honestly trying to quit and you don’t tell your partner when you have slipped you aren’t utilizing their help. Instead you will continue to hide your failed attempts which could lead to a total relapse.

Guilt and fear of failure are common among people trying to quit smoking but the key is to not give up. You won’t need an accountability partner forever and the more time you get under your belt not smoking the less you will require their assistance. You could be saving your life, in the least you are adding years to it and improving the quality of life you now live. Don’t be shy or ashamed to ask for help, most people get great satisfaction from helping others.

Properly preparing yourself to quit smoking will pay off in the end and remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Increase your odds of success by getting the support you need to successfully quit smoking and stay quit. Replace the guilt and fear of quitting with determination and imagine how great your life will be when you finally take back control and break your smoking addiction.

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